Office  2023

New Construction Plan for an Office in Edogawa, Tokyo. 

The client, engaged in the transportation industry for over 40 years, operates a fleet of trucks and offices scattered throughout the surrounding areas. This project was initiated with the aim of centralizing administrative functions and serving as a base for new business ventures. 

The specifics of the new business ventures were not clearly defined, prompting the need for a flexible plan that could adapt to various future developments. In consideration of economic efficiency, a wood-frame post-and-beam construction method using standardized dimension timber was chosen. 

The use of angle brace enabled a column-free, flexible floor plan. Additionally, the design incorporates a two-story height to allow for future expansion with a second floor for administrative functions.

Objects with a lower center of gravity, such as floors, foundation elements, tables, and benches, were unified in a grayscale tone, guiding the gaze naturally towards the framework, walls, ceilings, and other architectural elements. 

The windows are constructed using pre-manufactured products, enhancing the interior's openness and increasing visibility from the outside during the nighttime. 








Floor area:52.52㎡ 



Adress: Edogawa, Tokyo 

Design:BPDLab(PIC:Atsushi Tasaki )

Structural Design:mono(Nobuyuki Morinaga)

Construction:Nishimura Construction

Photo:Kouichi Torimura